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Star Wars Kirigami

I love kirigami art with all it’s detail and quirkiness, but I think this collection of pieces from Marc Hagan-Guirey is beyond amazing. Marc (more known as “The Paper Dandy”) have produced a really amazing Kirigami collection just out of pure love for Star Wars.

2 years (!) in the making, he taken his time with this new work. With his new collection he engineered a single sheet of paper into a more complex design than previously. It was incredibly important for him to remain entirely respectful to the Star Wars brand and therefore will not be selling editions of the art.

Since he is not selling any of the pieces he is looking for funding to continue his work, the idea is to improve his exhibition, be it adding more pieces to the collection or even touring the show! Lets hope for a tour, yay! You can read more about the kickstarter project here….

And see some pics here….









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