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Ever wondered what Wednesday Addams might be up to as an adult? Well, wonder no more and say hello to “Adult Wednesday Addams” created by Melissa Hunter!

Wednesday sets out to make her own way in the wider, sunnier world A.k.a the cheery town of Los Angeles. She’s all grown up navigating the ups and downs of life as a morbid #alwaysdressedinblack twentysomething “I can’t sleep in my childhood coffin forever,” she tells a prospective roommate.

Episode titles like the “Job Interview”, “Haircut”, “One-Night Stand”, “The Flea Market”, “Driver’s Ed” and “Wednesday vs. Catcallers” gives an idea of the sort of everyday situations Wednesday has to face but which becomes extraordinary challenges for her.



The show premiered on her YouTube channel last year and she recently launched the new 7-episode season which has been a runaway hit — gaining 8.5 million views and 200,000 YouTube subscribers.


Don’t tell Wednesday Addams to smile.

In one episode Wednesday follows two dudes home to teach them a lesson after they catcalled her. In true Addams family fashion, Wednesday effortlessly scares the men with her piercing tone and sardonic comebacks. (And the three terrifying friends she brought with her definitely helps.) Wednesday explains that she didn’t hire her friends Stenchel, Viper and Bob to physically hurt the two guys, only to “lurk on [the] sidewalk and pay [them] compliments. All. Day. Long.” Sounds like the perfect revenge.

Oh, and boys — don’t forget to smile.


“I grew up always being told I looked like Christina Ricci. A bully in middle school decided to call me Wednesday Addams and it caught on. I hated it. Then last year I decided to take Wednesday back and dressed as her for Halloween. It was a huge hit.


I immediately re-watched the Addams Family movies and remembered what an incredible character Wednesday is. She’s a self-possessed outcast. She’s always three steps ahead (all while standing right behind you). She thrives as an outsider, she’s unfazed by societal expectations and she always wins. I think that’s why people still love this character 20 years later!”


photos by Land O’Goshen

Be sure to catch new episodes of Adult Wednesday Adams every Wednesday (because, of course) and if you love Melissa as much as I do, you should follow her all over the interwebs: YouTube,Twitter, Instagram, and her personal website.

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