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Warm and hearty autumn breakfast

There is nothing better and more comforting to wake you up on a cold autumn morning than a nice creamy porridge and a fresh pot of coffee! When you’re warm and full of energy (and caffeine!) you’re ready to take the day on and make the most of it right!? So today I thought I’d treat you to an old favourite of mine, the oatmeal porridge. This isn’t your usual boring oatmeal with cardboard box flavour, no people, this is the luxury version!
Oates with apple, almonds and dates

Apple, Dates and Almond Porridge

1,5 dl Oates
3 dl Milk or Water (use milk for a creamier porridge)
2 tbsp Shredded Coconut
8 Almonds
4-5 Fresh Dates
1/2 Apple
Pinch of Cinnamon

Cut the apple and fresh dates into small pieces, chop the almonds up and mix all of the indigents in a pot. Leave some apple and dates for the garnish. Cook the porridge on medium heat until it’s reached a thick and creamy consistence.

Put the porridge into a bowl and top with apple and date pieces. Serve with a bit of milk on the side.

If you don’t like dates you can easily swap them for another fruit or berry…blueberries go very well with this porridge (a hint)!

I hope you enjoy this recipe, and please do share any of your improvements to this recipe!


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