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Twin Peaks Cherry Pie

We all know that Agent Cooper of Twin Peaks loves his Cherry pie and Coffee! But have you ever wondered what that Cherry pie tastes like? Well, I have, so I decided to bake one.

I am a big fan of Cherries, best of all the berries, it’s just great! You don’t get a lot of treats made of cherries though do you, not in Sweden anyway…I think we (the cherry lovers) should start a revolution where we demand more cherry cakes, ice creams, pies and sweets!

But in the meantime, in wait for the great cherry revolution, you can make this pie!

The original Twin Peaks Cherry Pie recipe

The pie dough

Agent Cooper Cherry Pie350 gram flour
0,5 tsp sugar
0,5 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
125 gram unsalted butter
125 gram sunflower seed oil
0,5 dl cold water
1 egg

The cherry filling

8 dl cherries
150 – 200 gram sugar
0,5 tsp red wine vinegar
3 tbsp flour

Mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in a bowl. Pour over oil and melted butter. Mix well and pour in the water, a little at the time. Mix with a fork. Put the pie dough in the fridge for at least 1 hour.


In the meantime, mix cherries, vinegar, and sugar. Mix carefully, add the flour, one tablespoon at the time. If you used frozen cherries you can add some corn flour to the mix to make it a bit thicker.

Role out the pie dough on a floured surface. Use about half of the dough for the bottom of the pie and half for the shell.

Make sure the dough covers the pie form edges. Pour in the cherry mix and add the pie shell on top, cut a few holes in the top so the steam can come out. Now mix the egg and coat the top of pie.


Put the oven on 225°, once the oven is warm enough put the pie in for 15 minutes, after 15 minutes lower the heat to 175° and leave the pie in for another 30-35 minutes.

Let the pie cool off and serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, yum yum!


(Just be aware, this pie dough is a right basterd to work with! You’ll probably end up adding more flour in the dough to make it do anything except to annoy the hell out of you. The best way to deal with it, is to use baking paper. Just roll it out on the paper and move it to the form.)




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