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The Angriest Cat On The Internet

In case you haven’t heard there’s a new cat in town and he’s the angriest cat on the internet!



Garfi lives in Turkey, where he and his owner, Hulya Ozkok  undoubtedly schemes to take over the world. And my guesse? it will be soon…

This cat is angry. I mean like really angry. So angry not even Tyrion Lannister would be able to get away..

And If you don’t believe me here’s some proof :



Immagine if cutiepie Tardar sauce aka Grumpy cat and Garfi had babies?!


garfi garfi2 garfi3 garfi4 garfi5 garfi6 garfi7 garfi8 garfi9 garfi10 garfi11 garfi12 garfi13 garfi14 garfi15 garfi16

photos by Hulya Ozkok via Getty Images


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