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Sonic Highways

A musical map over America


In case you guys for some reason has missed out on the fact that HBO are at the moment running a tv-series called Sonic Highways, here is your chance to hear about it.

Like many others I am a huge fan of Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl. I just think that man is amazing whatever he does. The series is directed by Mr Grohl and is basically about how Foo Fighters travel to eight legendary studios in eight different cities across the United States of America to write and record their album.

Cities they have been and recorded in are Chicago, Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., and New York. They meet up with artists from these respective cities and hang out. The result is some truly interesting interviews.

I think it is a lovely and very interesting TV production as Dave Grohl himself described as “a love letter to the history of American music”. I can only agree! Check out the trailer below and also the new video for their latest single “Something from Nothing”.

And oh, can you tell what old classic metal song the guitar riff is an obvious tribute to? :)

Sonic Highways

Something from Nothing


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