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Plum Compote

I love autumn, finally you get to wear jeans, boots and knitted wool cardigans, not to mention all the lovely local produce you can get your hands on!

Plum compote
Plums is season now, which means you can get locally grown ones cheap, so today I’d thought I’d share a great recipe with you all for a lovely compote. If you can’t get hold of Palm Sugar you can use muscovado sugar or even normal sugar. Cardamon can be swapped for Cinnamon if you rather, that’s a great combo as well. Alright enough ranting…let’s get compoting!

Plum Compote Recipe

500g Plums, pitted

100g Palm Sugar

100ml Water

A pinch of Cardamon

1 tsp Corn Starch

Quarter plums and put them in a pot together with sugar, water and cardamon. Cook the plums for a few minutes until they soften and then add the corn starch, you’ll see the compote thicken a bit. Well…that’s it, it’s done! How easy is that!?

This compote is great with pancakes, breakfast yoghurt, ice cream or cottage cheese.

Enjoy folks!


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