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Photobombing animals

Photobombing are one of the funniest things I know, especially when they involve animals. When animals photobomb you know its genuine, and no “set-up – trying to be funny photo”… Since its Friday today I’ve put together a little fun treat for you all, a photobombing animal collection. So grab yourself a coffee and get your smile on…here’s some funny animals! Happy friday folks!

1. The surprised Squirrel

Photobomb 1

2. The friendly Stingray

Photobomb 2

3. The very happy Seal

Photobomb 3

4. The rebel Horse

Photobomb 4

5. Dog the flirt

Photobomb 5

6. Dog on drugs?

Photobomb 6

7. The nosey Guinea pig

Photobomb 7

8. Suicidal Cat

Photobomb 8

9. The evil and lurking Cat

Photobomb 9

10. The unsympathetic Cow

Photobomb 10

11. The Stoner Cat


What a great way to start the weekend, with a little chuckle!


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