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NY Hardcore – Dan Witz

I stumbled upon this post over at Flavorwire and got blown away! As someone who has spent a good amount of time in and around a moshpit I really loved these pieces and was happy to see them featured in this kind of enviorment.  “NY Hardcore” is a show at the at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York and shows the recent works by Brooklyn-based artist Dan Witz.


Dan Witz is known for his tromp l’oeil street interventions and extensive studio practice. Applying old master painting techniques in the manner of Bosch or Brueghel to his works on canvas, the artist depicts hyper-realistic figurative imagery in portraits, landscapes, and still lifes.    


NY Hardcore includes works from Witz’s celebrated mosh pit series. His large-scale paintings portray throngs of punk youth while smaller works highlight cropped studies of single subjects within the crowd. Inspired by his experience in the early 80s, performing in post-punk noise bands during the downtown NY scene, the Mosh Pit series embodies Witz’s desire for comparable intensity and rebelliousness in his painting.   



And here’s even more of  Dan Witz…pretty please! someone buy me a painting!

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