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Lionel Stitchie

The very funny and brilliant “Lionel Stitchie” project was invented by fiber artist Molly Evans in summer of 2013. Molly, the clever girl has managed to combine guerilla embroidery and Lionel Ritchie lyrics, all in the name of giving abandoned furniture a voice!

Her needlework has been applied to discarded mattresses, sofas, armchairs and more, all found on her local suburban streets. The project started as mission to entertain her somewhat grumpy neighbours with some art on their discarded sofa that was sat outside their house, weeks had gone by but no one picked the sofa up…. Molly wanted to make this seemingly unlovable sofa more lovable, so she gave it a voice, the voice of Lionel Richie! Amen to that!

Below is a collection of her pieces in the project….






All photos from Molly’s website


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