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Link Love – MonsterStewart

Sometimes we at Petite Curie write about other sites or blogs that we find and that we think deserves some extra attention. Simply put, we like to tip you guys about a great site or blog that we love!

For a while now I have been reading a blog by a super cool, cute and quirky (of coarse) girl called MonsterStewart, or Mary-Catherine. She writes mainly about cookies and fashion in what she calls herself; a stylish, scrumptious and spooky way.

hämta (5)

This blog is simply meant to be my happy place. By and large, when I stand back and regard the things in life that make me happy, it’s easy to note that they generally fall into three categories: scrumptious, stylish, and spooky. Think of me as a hybrid of Marilyn Munster + Martha Stewart — red lipstick has been my trademark for over a decade; I wear dresses (namely of the polka dot or leopard print variety) on a near-daily basis; and, I am a cake fiend by nature.

I love it mainly because she gives me great ideas for what cookies to make :) But also, there are so many boring food blogs out there that all look the same. This blog is a bit more fun and quirky – it makes me happy!

Since Halloween is coming up the blog posts have been related to the spooky holiday. Check out some of the cookies she made recently. They look spookingly delicious!


hämta (1)

hämta (2)

hämta (3)

hämta (4)

So head over to MonsterStewart and start reading!

Don’t forget to check out her Instagram and Facebook either!



  • Thank you for the lovely write-up, Therese! I got my love of baking cookies from watching my grandmother make beautiful Christmas cookies — and my own mother actually worked in Trollhättan, Sweden, in a cookie factory one summer when she was in her early twenties! Cheers to quirkiness! 😉

    • What a funny coincidence that your mother lived in Trollhättan for a while! So I guess cookies really runs in your family so to speak, how wonderful :) Keep up the good work with your blog and I am happy you liked the little write-up I did!

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