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One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is browsing around Etsy! All these amazing creative people in one place, and so many cool things you can buy! This is how I found LeighLaLovesYou, a lady from Leeds who makes really cool patches.

Since I love David Bowie I had to get the Bowie patch, but let me tell you, choosing one isn’t easy! I really want the Steve Zissou and Log lady as well! Not to mention the furry friends patches, crazed cat ladies joy! The patches are all handmade and made to order so you have to wait a little bit to get your hands on one, but the turn around is really quick! Below is a sneak peak from Leigh’s collection.

Steve Zissou - LeighLaLovesYou

Log Lady - LeighLaLovesYou

Foxy - LeighLaLovesYou

Grumpy Cat - LeighLaLovesYou

David Bowie - LeighLaLovesYou

When you don’t think things can get any better, you can order yourself a custom made pet patch! So now you can you wear your beloved pet cat or dog (or both!) as a cool accessory!

Custom Pet - LeighLaLovesYou


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