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Jo Ratcliffe – Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Not that long ago a friend of mine told me about Jo Ratcliffe. About what a great illustrator she is and that I should check out her work. I said I would but kind of forgot about it. But the other day I came to think of it for some reason and headed over to her site to check her out. It only took me about 2 min to realize that I really love her work!


Jo Ratcliffe is a British graphic designer and illustrator, and shall I say, a very successful one. As stated on her website BARNEYS NEW YORK, LADY GAGA, KENZO, LOUIS VUITTON, VOGUE NIPPON, CHLOE, JIMMY CHOO, COLE HAAN, V-MAGAZINE, are just a few of her current and previous clients.


When looking through her work I found these illustrations that was created for V Magazine featuring Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell & Lindsey Wixson and cosmetics from M.A.C, Dior & Clarins.

I love the colors! Now I wish for all commercials and all adds to be made in this way. :) Check them out below!

V-Magazine_About-Face_06 (1)

V-Magazine_About-Face_01 (1)


V-Magazine_About-Face_03 (1)



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