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Hedgehogs in hats

We really like Hedgehogs here at Petite Curie, they’re small, cute, they live outside in the hedges and they look a little funny. But what you might not know about the Hedgehog is that they look really cool in hats! So I thought I treat you lovely folks today with a little collage of Hedgehogs in hats!

The Green Beret

Hegdehog in green beret

The Sombrero

Hedgehog in Sombrero

The White Cowby Hat

Hedgehog in white cowboy hat

The Disco-Party Hat

Hedgehog in disco party hat

The BFF in Woolly Hats

Hedgehogs in woolly hats

The Classic Party Hat

Hedgehog in party hat

The Christmas Hat

hedgehog in Christmas hat

The Fancy Straw Hat

Hedgehog in straw hat

The Feathered Felt Hat

Hedgehog in featherd felt hat

The Knitted Reggae Hat

Hedgehog in reagge knit hat

Hedgehog wear a strawberry reading the paper!

Bonus Hedgehog


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