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Garfunkel & Oats

Everyone’s currently buzzing about Garfunkel & Oats, the quirky female duo that recently landed their own tv show “Going solo together: Garfunkel & Oates” after becoming a youtube sensation.


In case you haven’t seen or heard about them, Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci (also seen in Scrubs, Raising Hope and The Big Bang Theory) are two actresses and comedians that started out making funny songs in their living room. Lindhome first uploaded the songs on youtube without Micucci’s knowledge but as the popularity grew obviously she found out.


They have now landed their own show on IFC after HBO turned them down (pretty sure they’ll regret it).  The two girls made ​​themselves known with a series of homemade videos in which, accompanied by ukulele and guitar sang about topics such as the annoying smugness of pregnant women “Pregnant women are smug” or the fact that Google allows us to stalk someone without getting caught “Google” or the infamous Friendzone “I would never have sex with you”. Personally I think the song 29/31 is so true it’s scary…. (have a look below)

The duo are most appreciated for the fact of telling “truths” that you generally do not have the courage to say.  This and their charismatic personas was the winning formula that the Internet responded so enthusiastically to. Unstoppable, since 2009 they have already released three albums (Music Songs, Mix Tape # 1, All Over Your Face and Slippery When Moist).

Lately, with increased fame and increased budgets they’ve abandoned the living room for more polished and pumped musicvideos like “this party took a turn for the douche” becoming a female but a more clever version of the Lonely Island. We still like it, what about you?

For more Garfunkel & Oats here’s some links…

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