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Game of Thrones Castles for Sale – Infographic

Have you been waiting in anticipation…? It’s only 3 days to go until the premiere of the new season of Game of Thrones! I have been thinking I need to re-watch the last season. Because really still, all I can remember is that last gruesome episode where everybody dies..! Ok, maybe not just that, but I would definitely benefit from getting myself a little re-cap! Just to get the whole picture again, and remind myself of who comes from what castle :)

This is a really cool infographic about just that. And also, how much each castle would cost if it were up for sale! It’s really well-made and funny, created by graphic designer Febrian Anugrah.

What does the castles in the Westeros Region cost? And could you afford any of them?

Figures take into account all rights to land, harbors, gold mines and properties. Excluding additional earnings from subject taxes.

Game of Thrones - Castles Up For Sale by Terrys Blinds
Game of Thrones – Castles Up For Sale by Terrys Blinds.


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