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First Listen – Beck, ‘Morning Phase’


Our favorite alt-rocker Beck is back with a new album. It is called Morning Phase and I have to say after a quick first listen I absolutely love it.

The good people over at have the whole album on stream and here’s a few words about it;

Of course, new thinking sometimes shows up disguised in familiar rags. Sure, Morning Phase resembles the earlier work in that it’s slow and stately and more confessional than any of Beck’s Odelay-style sonic jumbles. Get inside the new songs, however, and a more nuanced perspective emerges. There are surprisingly approachable settings here, songs that start with humble acoustic guitar and grow into vast and dazzling canyons of sound. The rhythms suggest a different experience of slowness, a patient (or maybe just grown-up) approach to the pulse.

So what are you waiting for – head over there to have a listen. Go go go!


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