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Doctor Who for the Poker Player

Turning fans of the Doctor into professional poker players, one Whovian at a time


Since its first episode in the 1960s, Doctor Who has captured the imagination and interest of millions of viewers all over the world, turning confused viewer into Whovian one episode at a time. With a series that literally spans decades and generations, Doctor Who has allowed for Whovians of all sorts to evolve. It comes as no surprise, then, that some of these Whovians have also become avid poker players.

The revival of the Doctor Who fandom came at around the same time as a resurgence of interest in poker. In 2005, as the Ninth and Tenth Doctors modernised and popularised the series, amateurs also began testing the waters of poker and infiltrating professional tournaments. The online poker scene had been in development since Intercasino, the world’s first online casino, was launched in 1996, and today, online poker has been producing big winners and card sharks such as the famous Chris Moneymaker.

Over the years, scores of poker memorabilia have been designed and produced for the card-playing, poker-faced Whovian.

1. Tardis Poker Chips

Nobody ever wants to lose their chips, but these Tardis Poker Chips just make things that much more difficult. The chips are designed with a photo of the Tardis doors printed on top, complete with the “Police Public Call Box” sign and door sign. They even come in different colours, and different sides, so you can build a whole poker set with nothing but Doctor Who Tardis poker chips.

2. Companions Playing Poker
By now, everyone’s seen C.M. Coolidge’s Dogs Playing Poker collection, but Laura Lee Gulledge has come up with an excellent parody. In her piece called Companion Poker Night”, she shows the many companions coming together for a game of poker. The piece is available as a framed art print, but it can also be printed on an iPad case, shirts, tank tops, wall clocks, and tote bags.

3. Doctor Who Playing Cards
Of course, if you’re already playing with Tardis Poker Chips and emulating Donna and Martha’s poker night, all you need are Doctor Who playing cards. Luckily, there’s a complete Dr. Who Triple Set available so you and your friends can enjoy a poker game worthy of the Doctor himself. The playing cards are made with various scenes from the series, and Whovians who use them will surely have a great time recalling each memorable moment from the show.

Whether you’re a diehard poker player or a dedicated Whovian, you’re sure to enjoy a quick card game or two with these items around!

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