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Cats in hats

Dear friends, it’s friday again and time for something fun. One thing we never get tired of here at Petite Curie are animals, in particular our fluffy cute feline friends, so this friday I give you….(drum beats!)

Cats in hats, no more no less, yet so entertaining…you just can’t go wrong!

1. Cat in little woolly hat

Cat in woolly hat

2. Cats in party hats

Cats in party hats

3. Cat in white upper class hat

Cat in little white hat

4. Cat in little party hat

Cat in small party hat

5. Cat in fun shark hat

Cat in shark hat

6. Cat in Batman hat

Cat in Batman hat

7. Cat in weird knitted hat

Cat in weird hat

8. Cat in hipster hat

Cat in hipster hat

9. Cat in beret

Cat in beret

10. Last but not least, cat in classic fez

Cat in fez


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