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5 quirky questions with ceramics designer Roberta Penzo!!

Roberta Penzo, a young and talented ceramics designer has agreed to do a short and quirky interview with us! We’re obviously very happy about it because 1. we adore her stuff and 2. She has also agreed to give us two of her beautiful items for a giveaway next week!yay!


1. I understand you come from an artistic background and I’m curious, how is it that you, in this digital age fell in love with ceramics?

Despite the fact that I’m currently working as graphic designer, so I know very well the value and importance of the “digital language”,  I’m not very passionate about technology. I prefer the countryside over a metropolis, an old fashioned “trattoria” over a modern sushi bar and using dialect terms over modern slang!
I really like traditions and I find that the relationship between mankind and nature is very important. Ceramics comes from the earth and has to be treated according to ancients rules, the knowledge is handed down generation by generation by old Masters.
I love working with my own hands and the “feel” of the materials. The thing I love the most about ceramics are that, depending on how you manufacture it, it can be rough or smooth, opaque or polished, even iridescent. I can play with all these possibilities to obtain very refined results.

2. For someone that doesn’t know anything about ceramics the one question that pops into ones mind is: Have you seen the classic 80’s flick Ghost? making ceramics is exactly like that right?

Ha ha, of course I’ve seen the movie “Ghost”. When I exhibit my collections a lot of people ask me if the “potter wheel working” is like that. Many times I reply “Yes, it’s exactly like that”….but honestly I’m waiting for the next movie about pottery, maybe a little more happy and dreamy, something like “Amélie”! That’s my real dream!


3. If your ceramics would represent a fictional character who would be your spokes person?

If my ceramics were a philosopher they would be Plato. If they were a modern characther they could be Mark Lanegan, a very dark and deep rock singer, powerful and refined at the same time.


4. Who would be your dream client? and what would he/she buy from you?

My ideal client, very ideal in this case, would be Frank Lloyd Wright: “Dear Roberta, I’m building a house on a waterfall and I really would like you to design some interior solutions for my living room. Maybe some huge raku ceramic panels working as dividers, some spot lights for different sized lanterns and of course he would use my coffee and tea cups!”


5. And now…Tell us some amazing facts about the item you’re so kindly putting up for our giveaway!?

They’re a cup and a small Raku lantern. I shaped them (the cup with a pottery’s wheel and the lantern manually), let them dry very slowly, cooked them at 980°C, painted them very carefully with “rock’n’roll” gestures, cooked again at 970°C and made them go under termal shock to obtain the Raku effect.

I hope that, anyone will receive them, will use them for some really special moments!

Well, we say thank you Roberta! we love your stuff!


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