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10 Things you can buy from a vending machine in Japan

Aweee, the weird and wonderful things you can buy in Japanse vending maschines! I didn’t realise there was a market for some of these things, like pet wigs(!), but after seeing pets in various wigs I get it, pets in wigs are very funny!

Other things I would never ever buy, but someone in Japan is buying it…enough for them to make a vending machine for the stuff….crazy! Now, enough of my ranting, below is ten strange things folks…

1. Hot Meals


2. Canned Bread?(Why put breads in cans?)

canned bread

3. Eggs


4. Bananas


5. Electricity


6. Sallad


7. Used mobilephones


8. Pants & underwear(new and used…)

vending machine japan lingerie  1

9.Crazy coloured ice cream cones


10. Wigs for your pet!


Wow, who would dare to buy one of them ice creams for their kid? It would send them of their tits for sure, if not from the sugar then the artifical colouring…madness!


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