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10 Quirky things – Roller Derby Love

I know, I’ve been a bit distant from the blogosphere lately and I’m sure my fellow PT collegues already would’ve kicked me out If it hadn’t been for the fact that I have all the passwords. But I do have a really good reason…and it’s called Roller Derby! If you don’t know what it is, well, all I can tell you is that It’s the most fun sport in the universe and it’s all I can think about lately! (check it out here)

So today, “10 quirky things from Etsy” is dedicated to all my Roller Derby sisters out there!


1. rapscalliondesign

2. Skatanist

3. RedRage77

4. Skatanist

5. FranksSister

6. MissMartinTattoos

7. MasherCouture


9. LittlePigeonCrafts

10. sewZinski

And I promise to come back soon as a fulltime writer for petitecurie 😉
Derby love <3


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