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10 Quirky things… ehm no… 20 pretty IPAD (or tablet) Thingies !!

I was looking for a new Ipad sleeve the other day and decided to share some of my best finds on Etsy. This week isn’t our usual “quirky” but I’ve thrown in something for everyone, wether you’re a geek girl or a hipstersnob with a beard I hope you’ll find something you’ll like!




1. sunflowercase

2. MakeThingsBetter

3. BoutiqueID

4. MintCases

5. jakobenk

6. rabbitdream

7. Octopus8314

8. phocket

9. LittlePigeonCrafts

10. JuliWine

11. simbiosisbyjulia

12. ZzzSun

13. cuoiocasa

14. simbiosisbyjulia

15. cinnamoncocoon

16. HaHaCup

17. rabbitdream

18. byrdandbelle

19. viveo

20. RitaFeel



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