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10 Fun and Geeky Game of Thrones Merchandise

By now I am pretty sure you guys know that the premiere for the next season of the Game of Thrones will be on the 6th of April right? I mean it is just ALL over the internet.

Tonight is also when the first official trailer will be premiering at 9 p.m. immediately before the premiere of HBO’s True Detective. So stay tuned people! Or check it out like 2 seconds later on youtube… coz I guess that is approximately how long it will take for the trailer to get online.

April 6th is however quite far away still…and that sucks. So to cheer you up I have made this list of some funny and geeky Game of Thrones merchandise from! In wait for the season to start one can always buy oneself a little something GOT-related to feel better right?

1. Tyrion Water Bottle


2. Dire Wolf Baseball Jersey


3. Winter is Coming PJ


4. Hodor Balloons


5.Game of Bones Pill Box


6. Westeros National Park Flask Necklace


7. Queen of Fire Tote Bag

8. Win or Die Queen Duvet


9. I wish these were Dragons Apron

10. Crows before Hoes Shot Glass


Head over to CAFEPRESS.COM for more info on prices and sizes folks!


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