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Top 10 Courtney Love Facebook Updates

Courtney Love has always been a favourite of mine. Obviously mostly because of her music, I think she is super talented. Her latest album was plain Californian sunny rock that made you dance and smile. But I also admire her for her ever so true from-the-heart rock n roll style. She is just so damn cool!

I have been following her on Facebook for a while now and I just love her updates. They are so honest, quirky and funny! I thought I’d share some of them with you guys who might not be following her page!

1. With the band


2. no comment


3. Better than a wet dream, a snapshot of my sweet dreams… #hyperglycemicporn


4. Philly, in some conference room

standing tall

5. My dog is twisted, she eats heels, matches and copper, n sleeps on my bras, just like some exes, god I love her so much


6. That’s five bras on the floor, she took from my lingerie drawer! god I love her

doggy eats bras

7. God we rawk!


8. When unpacking is fun


9. This is my life


10. booya


Courtney – you rock my dear!

all photos and comments via courtney love’s facebook


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