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Throwback thursday – Tokyo pt2

So finally! Here’s the second part of my throwback thursday Tokyo edition. The first photo recap can be found Here, and if you’re curious about TOKYO take a look.

If you don’t know what “throwback thursday” means, well basically it all started on instagram where people started to post an “old” picture they liked on thursdays…and now it has spread across platforms.

-Enjoy the 2nd part of throwback thursday TOKYO edition-


Jinbōchō is Tokyo’s center of book stores and publishing houses. It’s a very cozy neighbourhood filled with both new and small used-book stores. Sometimes teddybears read stories for children or you can find an out door bookstore attached to a wall.

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If you’re a catlover like me you can’t not notice how much japanese people love cats, they are everywhere! And the best part is they are all well-fed and healthy! Off course, if you really want to cuddle you should go to a nekocafè aka catcafè! For 10 euros you get a cup of coffee and a playdate with a cat.

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Ibaraki & Japans tallest Buddha “USHIKU DAIBUTSU”

The Ushiku Daibutsu located in the Ibaraki prefecture is one of the world’s tallest statues (120 meters/394 feet tall) and Japans tallest “Buddha”. We took the elevator up to the observation floor at 85m off the ground to take a look .
Then we took a roadtrip to the “dragon bridge” which was awesome! And then we learned how to make soba which was also aswesome!

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