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The Q camera!

Ok so I was lazily browsing the net when I accidently  stumbled upon this website. The Q camera!
It’s “the first” social camera, uploading your photos to the internet automatically.


You can apply filters and chose wich social networks you wanna share your photos on, they say it’s easy-to-use and the interface is idiot-proof.


That’s all fine, but I asked myself, do people really need a camera for that when almost everyone use their smartphone to share stuff? The Camera details don’t really seem very proffessional and many smartphones have more impressive specifics…but as I scrolled down I got really excited when I saw the inbuilt flash ring! Why haven’t anyone thought of that before?! It’s genius!! perfect for portraits and soft shades! You don’t need to worry about burned out faces anymore, and the best part is that it’s made out of LED lights so It won’t consume much of your battery.



And it sooo pretty…


…And it comes in various colors!…



…And waterproof!…


…And small!…


…And it makes you happy!…



The Q camera is only availble for pre-order so we don’t really have any reviews of it yet.

Personally I would probably wait for the next version (If they make one) with better technical specifics but then again, it obviously depends on what you want from your camera. If you’re not a complete photonerd and just want a pretty, small and easy camera to bring along with you when you go out or on vacations this might be a good solution! Since I usually shoot with professional equipment I’m afraid it won’t be “enough” for me, but I’m really really curious about that flashring (again, brilliant idea!) .

To you good people of Q camera If you’d like to have your camera reviewed feel free to send me one! 😉



  • Ooh, it’s so pretty. And that flash ring idea is genius. It seems so obvious once you see it. And I love the descriptions on the individual camera colors too.

    • Hehe yeah the descriptions are fun too! :)

  • Ooh I loved it and was a second away from buying it when I “stumbled” across these examples of pictures taken with it.

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