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STAY HOME CLUB – by Beatrice

As every office-worker my friend Alice and I have a daily exchange of links via Skype: cute animals, nice dresses and girly stuff like celebrity gossips or diets. And today after our lunch breaks one link in particular got me really excited: It was a shopper with cats, a girl with bangs and the best copy ever: STAY HOME CLUB. The first thing I thought was: “OMG that’s me!!”.

The amount of time it took me to view the product and make that final click on the purchase button was very short to say the least, and now I have 18 euros less on my checking account.



But then I had a look at the website and maybe… it had been better if I’d waited a minute or two before going to the checkout, because I discovered some other things I just had to buy:

– A beautiful pullover that says how cool boredom is!



– A wonderful patch that stress your nerd side!



– A silk scarf with foxes (maybe I don’t have to say nothing at all)!



Stay Home Club is an DIY project that involves from time to time artists and illustrators, first among everyone is off course Olivia Mew, an illustrator based on Montreal, Canada. You can take a look to her works on her website

If you wanna be updated with Stay Home Club and their products and maybe have your daily dose of cute nihilism inspiration follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook!




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