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So Morrissey is Having a Book Signing Downstairs of my Office…

This might be the most peculiar thing that has happened since I started to work at my office.. But today Morrissey will be downstairs for a book signing.

I do not have the answer to why Morrissey decided for some reason, to first of all have a book signing(is that really his thing??), and two – why he is doing the signing at the bookstore downstairs. This is Gothenburg Sweden we are talking about guys. Someone had the theory that he likes Gothenburg and is doing the signing here because it is similar to Manchester, his hometown.. “grey, rainy and depressing”. Hmm.. But he is, and people have traveled a long way to get their books signed. All the way from New York apparently..

Anyway there is a huge long queue downstairs and people started to line up yesterday. All the big newspapers are here including the Guardian who is reporting live from the queue.

This is exciting! Don’t think I will be able to get in though… I should have lined up yesterday at lunchtime. :)

Melancholic Morrissey fans standing and sitting in line and in wait…

So this calls for some Morrissey vid’s !


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