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Semlor Semlor Semlor

Today folks it’s Tuesday but no ordinary Tuesday…it’s the Tuesday where the Nordic countries eats semla (pl-semlor). This Tuesday over 5 million semlor will be eaten in Sweden alone, which is a fair amount of buns, whipped cream and almond paste. No wonder we call it “Fat Tuesday” in Sweden…


Semla is best consumed with coffee, some people like to drench their semla in hot milk (don’t ask me why…apparently its tradtion…) but I’d say you should stay away from that, who wants a soggy wet bun? Beats me I tell you…


Semlor is a little treat that comes in a fair few different flavors; there is cinnamon, saffron, chocolate, blueberries and different jams. But the most popular of them all is the classic one with cardamom, almond paste and whipped cream.
Luckily for you guys Therese and I whipped up a little storm in the kitchen last week and baked some, they turned out quite well and since we’re nice people we thought we list the recipe so you can bake some too.


Classic Swedish Semla

½ pkg of yeast (25 g)
85 g butter
2,5 dl milk
½ tsp salt
1 tsp cardamom
1 dl sugar
7 – 8 dl self raising flour (or add 2 tsp baking powder)
1 egg


Filling and topping;

200 g almond paste, roughly grated
3dl cream, whipped
splash of milk
icing sugar


This is how you make it…

1. Melt butter in a sauce pan, add milk and heat until lukewarm (37C), then crumble fresh yeast into a bowl, add the liquid to dissolve yeast


2. Add salt, cardamom, sugar and 7 dl of the flour to the liquid. Mix together and work into a dough (a kitchen-machine makes this easy)


3. Allow the dough to rise for 30-60 minutes, covered with a towel


4. Knead dough until smooth. Form dough into 12 small balls, if you want big buns, fewer…let them rise for 35-40 minutes


5. Beat the egg and brush onto the buns for glazing


6. Bake in the middle of the oven at 250 C for about 10 minutes


7. Let them cool off on a wire rack, cowered with a towel


8. Cut off a small circular piece on top of the bun. This piece will make a lid on top of the bun later on. Scoop out a fair bit of the interior of the bun with a spoon (basically make a hole in the bun)


9. Mix grated almond paste with bread crumbs from the buns, add some milk and make this into a smooth mixture, then add the almond mix to the buns …


10. Whipp the cream and place on top of the filling…


11. To finish things off, put the lids back on…


….and dust with some icing sugar!


Voila! Your very own Semla…well done you!



Enjoy folks!


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