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New collaborator – Jörgen Nilsson

Yay! Yet again we’re very happy to welcome another wonderful and quirky writer to the team of petiteCurie collaborators!
This time it´s the Swedish lad Jörgen Nilsson. Like the collaborators before him he also has done the work for us and written a short introduction about himself!

(be sure to check back soon for Jörgen’s first post!)



Since I am always buggering Therese with advice on what new restaurants or beers to try it was a fairly easy decision to accept when asked about writing occasional columns about food and beverages for Petite Curie.

I’ve lived in Gothenburg since 2001, a city vibrant with excellent restaurants and pubs that really started my interest for food and dining. My main interest is all things beer but over the course of the years I’ve developed quite a fashion for great meals and wines as well. It’s one of those things that when you get started there is no end to it I guess. And please don’t get me started on whisky.

Before I start writing my first post I would like to share a couple of quirky facts about myself:

I’ve shaken hands with Bill Clinton
Own a certification to tow jumbo jets
A passionate bowler for the last fifteen years

See you all people soon!


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