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Nerdy Facts about Organic Beer – by Jörgen

So you want to save the planet while gulping down fresh beer at the same time? No worries, because with the recent hype of organic wines along with the innovative brew masters that inspire us from the USA things are starting to brew(!) this side of the pond as well.

So what’s really the point behind an organic beer and why should you buy them? Basically it all boils down to whether or not the ingredients have been subjected to artificial fertilizers, and particularly this means the key ingredient malt or mash.

In Europe a beer with at least 95% environmental friendly ingredients counts as an organic beer whereas the USA also have a “100 per cent organic” to reward those that put special effort behind their production. Since the malt along with water are the major ingredients in a beer, it’s more than enough to reach that 95 per cent mark. But while the brewers are at it the hops are often organic as well.

As a producer nothing really changes in the process of brewing the beer except the prize of the ingredients. So it’s all a question if we, the consumers, are willing to pay that extra euro. By the looks and popularity of it the question slowly starts to be answered with a “yes” as more and more producers start to add an organic brew to meet the demand. Then again the organic beers are still just a tiny fraction of everything sold, so it’s still a long way to go. It seems however that since people are willing to pay almost anything for that perfect story behind the beer things are looking bright for our organic producers.

So the question is then, what should you go for when buying organic beer? It’s all a matter of what kind of beer you prefer but these are a couple of bottled ales that end up in my glass:

Black Isle Organic Ale –

A classic Ale full of flavour that work well on its own but also to accomplish pub dishes.

Fuller’s Honey Dew –

My favourite brewery has an ale that taste a lot like London Pride and smells wonderfully of honey.


Qvänum Grannen Ale –

A Swedish microbrewery that literally brews using the malt from the farm next door.


Napa Smith Organic IPA –

One of California’s greater breweries have this well-balanced organic Indian Pale Ale.


St Peters Organic Ale –

The bottle alone is a reason to buy this beer, perfect to put a candle in once it’s empty.

by Jörgen


  • I’m a late bloomer,, and after the monsonto panic i eat organic now. i hve always loved to try different beers- one, two, or a 4 pack. Now i can appreciate the Huge selection of beers at QFC. all the organic beers look so delicious and that bottle from the UK is worth the price of admission!

  • […] like the London Pride, ESB (Extra Strong Bitter) and the Honey Dew that I’ve mentioned in my previous post about organic beers it was an absolute delight to finally get the chance to visit them and take part in their […]

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