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When flickering through a design and interior magazine I found an article about 6ix Form. They are a design and art studio in Stockholm Sweden who specializes in refurbishment of old furniture.

I have old pieces of furniture that I often have thought of refurbish in some different, quirky and unexpected way. Like paint that old brown dinner table from the 40’s in a bright yellow color or maybe the old bedside table in turquoise!





6ix Form really knows how to do it! They have a brilliant imagination and feeling for what works and what looks absolutely fantastic.

In this time of consumption and Ikea-world domination society 6ix Form really stands out, almost as saviors! The idea of remake and reuse is really something that everyone should embrace even more.

Websites like this really gives me inspiration and energy to get out and hunt around in flea-markets and second hand shops to find furniture that I can reuse and remake to my own taste!

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