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La Blogètheque is a music video blog that began six years ago in the French capital with the idea of filming musicians in a unique way via what they call ‘Un concert a emporter’ or in English a ‘Take Away Show’. Each video is a stand alone show which brings you musicians performing the way you want them to: unedited, unaltered and undeniably present.

I was first introduced to the website by my cousin 5 years ago and as it receives more and more critical acclaim I am constantly surprised to discover when I speak to many of my musically infatuated friends, that they have never heard of this blog.


Whether you’re hearing about this blog for the first time or the 100th, get ready to experience music the second best way (live, obviously being the best). Fall in love with the maverick Yann Tiersen as he performs at home, gaze in awe as Arcade Fire squeeze themselves into a freight elevator and still succeed in performing Neon Bible and join the surprised delight of Metro commuters as Aloe Blacc’svelvety tones interrupts their daily commute.

There’s something there for everyone on this wonderful site which after six years, continues to be a true gem in the music blogosphere.

Megan Tynan-O’Mahony

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