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Just some really great brooches!

I love brooches!! I have a lot of them and I can’t stop buying new ones either…it’s just something about brooches. They can express a message or your love for a band, you can take a stand without even having to open your mouth, they can add that little extra to your outfit and they’re just plain kool!

So let me tell you, I was well happy when I found these very kool and quirky brooches on Etsy! Kate Rowland has combined her jewellery making with her love for TV & Film and pop culture! Who dosen’t want a brooch inspired by Twin Peaks, Breaking Bad, Parks & Recreation or Game of Thrones? I sure want one, or maybe two….or why stop there, might as well get three…or four…

Twin Peaks brooch

Twin Peaks Brooch from Kate Rowland

Game of Thrones Brooch

Game of Thrones Brooch by Kate Rowland

Breaking Bad RV

Breaking Bad RV Brooch by Kate Rowland

Parks & Recreation Brooch

Parks & Recreation Brooch by Kate Rowland

Napoleon Dynamite Brooch

Napoleon Dynamite Brooch by Kate Rowland

…See I knew it, you want one too don’t you! So this is where you can get them, at Kates Little Store!


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