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Is it a Doughnut?… is it a Croissant?… It’s a Cronut™!

By now, you lovely reader, should know that we love everything that’s even a tiny bit quirky here at petiteCurie! I recently found out about this wonderful pastry called Cronut™! Yes, I know it has been around since spring so you probably have heard about it already. Marie, one of our lovely contributors who live in New York sure had, and when we asked her about it she told us her very own personal experience of the Cronut™!


Marie’s Cronut™ story

Dominque Ansel’s bakery is delicately tucked in SOHO on Spring street. Along with a trusted friend who shares my passion for all things absurd and a desperate feel of missing out, we went on a mission: to acquire, photograph, and devour Cronuts™.

The bakery opens at 8am, but as their website states, “if you arrive prior to 7:!5am on a weekday, you have a great chance of getting a Cronuts™.” We didn’t want a “great chance”, we wanted Cronuts™.
So my friend and I arrived to the bakery at 6:45am. The line had already started. Approximately 30 people were standing in the front of the bakery, chatting excitedly. The line continued to amass, travelling around the corner and half way down the following block. Only 200 Cronuts™ are made per day and I knew some people at the end of this line were going to walk away empty-handed.


Standing in line..

Once 8am struck, the doors opened. Dominque Ansel himself exited the bakery’s front door and starting counting people as they filed in, stopping the line after about 15. People excitedly took photos of chef Ansel and he smiled a genuine smile. Slowly, I started seeing people exit the bakery with a small golden paper boxes.
After allowing another group of 15 to enter, it was our turn. We walked briskly into the small, warm, delectably smelling bakery and formed another small line once inside.

I could see a heavily tattooed pastry chef checking the timer on an oven and waiting for someone to order anything else off of the menu, but he knew what we were there for: the good stuff—Cronuts™. Each soft golden paper shell held two Cronuts™, which was the maximum a person could purchase.
I eagerly scanned all the other amazing desserts, which lined up and beautifully decorated. I knew I had to return some other time to try everything else available. I couldn’t distinguish whether I wanted to eat everything because it looked so immaculately prepared or because I was famished. Once it was my turn I order my golden box and an iced coffee. My friend did the same.

We exited to the back of the bakery and it’s outdoor seating area; little wooden tables were scattered underneath umbrellas that created shade. We sat down, sipped our coffees, and peeled open the box. There they were in all their glory—the lemon Cronuts™.


Totally worth it

We salivated thinking of the first bite, but were disciplined: we needed to take photos first. We took an abundance of shots from different angles, with different lighting; I instagrammed it before even taking a bite.
My friend caved first, taking a bit of the pastry. The Cronut™ had a round lemon glaze on top and a thick lemon curd filling that oozed out as she bit down.
I stared, waiting for her reaction and was not let down. Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. “Totally worth it” . I smiled, took a bite of mine and couldn’t agree more. Flaky, dense, yet light. Because I bake myself, I knew how the dough was treated (though it is time consuming, not too insane to create), but Dominque Ansel’s execution was perfection—delicious, delicious perfect.
I intend to make another visit to Dominque Ansel’s bakery, bringing him some treats for my company, Momofuku Milk Bar, in return. He recently became friends with our pastry chef and I would love nothing more than to leave with a golden box; however, this time, I’m hoping that my box will be carrying three Cronuts™ for immediate consumption.

as told by the lovely Marie – check out her own blog over at I Dreamt I was a Poet

Although the original is made in the bakery in New York I have heard that others around the globe are making their own versions of the Cronut™, so maybe you can find it at a bakery near you. I will definitely ask around for it where I live. I just have to try it!


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