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I haven’t recovered yet..

Ok, so I NEED to stop thinking of the last episode of Game of Thrones before I totally collapse in grief and depression… And obviously I am not the only one.. Have you guys seen peoples reactions..?? My god.. what a trauma.

Maybe these images from around the web will help…








Nope didn’t really cheer me up… maybe looking at Robb with cute wolfs will.


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  • These pictures are hilarious! When I read the books and learned that the Starks get massacred at the wedding I was in an outrage…but had no one to share it with! Have you read to the end? I shan’t spoil it for you…Be prepared for some real shockers (if we ever get there- I feel this season has been unreasonably slow and that they could have cut a lot of the book out and made it more TV-friendly). Also, that ending scene with the blood- WHO IS DOING THE MAKEUP? Seriously? And the acting? The directing! It’s a mess. Nothing like the previous seasons.

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