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Hummus? Houmous? Hummous? Hmmm…

Well, however you spell it , it is an undeniably delicious dip and has been one of my favourites for quite some time. Unfortunately, since moving to Sweden I have been unable to locate any in supermarkets in the Gothenburg area, and believe me, I’ve searched!

Maybe this doesn’t sound as strange to others as it does to me. After all, houmous is a Middle-eastern dish and I am not in the Middle-east. However, I can buy it in almost every supermarket in Ireland, so I was quite surprised to discover that the generally better stocked supermarkets seemingly have missed out on filling their fridges with this beauty of a dip!

After the initial shock and sense of let-down subsided, I began to forget about it until a recent trip home reminded me of what I was missing and with renewed passion I set out on my quest once more to locate it. And just as before, it was not to be found.

It was then that I began to think that if I couldn’t buy it ready-made, surely I could make it myself? How hard could it be?

As it turns out, it is not in the least bit difficult! It literally takes about 10 minutes, not including chilling time. Just like a good steak (but with slightly less meat), it’s important to allow it to relax before devouring it.


All you need is:

-1 can of chickpeas
-0.5dl water (50 mls)
-0.5dl olive oil
-1.5 tablespoons of Tahini (pureed sesame seeds)
-2-3 cloves of garlic
-juice from half a lemon
-pinch of salt

I threw all of mine into the blender together , adding a little bit more of olive oil when necessary. It really is that simple.

My preferred choice of houmous consumption is with carrots. Tonight however, it will be eaten with falafels, pitta bread and some fresh vegetables, including, but not exclusive to carrots.

Simple, light, vegetarian (if you’re that way inclined) and completely delicious!

Until we meet again…


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