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How to make original and personal colordipped bottles

This post by “greenweddingshoes” inspired me to do these cute spray and hand painted bottles. It’s a great way to recycle old soda bottles and use them as glasses or flower vases. They will also make great “icebreakers” at parties :)

In this tutorial I will show you in 3 easy steps how you can make them too!

This is what you need to do it yourself:

– Painters tape to mask off the sections of the bottles

– Old glass bottles of your choice

– Paint for the polka dots


1. Use the tape to mask off the sections of your bottles. I chose to do different heights on every bottle to give it a more personal feeling.


2. Spraypaint the bottles. I used a white matte from “montana” ( favourite brand of my graffitti friends) that way I only had to spraypaint once.


3. Paint the polka dots ( or whatever other pattern you prefer) with a small brush. I wanted to do pink and black polkadots, unfortunately the pink color was way to watery so the polka dots didn’t turn out that great, so keep in mind to use a more “dense” color. I used acrylic colors but I’m not sure it will last very long. If you’re going for a permantent color you should ask your local colorstore for advice.

That’s it! easypeasy!









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