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Helmut Newton at Fotografiska

Helmut Newton – the brilliant photographer who always managed to provoke, who’s photographs still intrigues and who’s always modern.

“I am a pornografer”, a statement issued by Helmut Newton in the documentary Helmut by June made by his wife June Newton in 2004 after his death. A statement like that wasn’t unusual for Newton but it would be highly unfair to simplify his complex artistry and strong portraits of women as porn. Sure the photographs are sexualised, but they’re also glamourous, edgy, strong and full of attitude.

In the 60’s Newton introduced a new and innovative perspective of fashion photography, he collaborated with all the big magazines like Vouge, Elle, Queen and Stern, instead of treating the model as an anonymous mannequin, he gave them personality. He used his photographs to us stories from all corners of society…from the dark and seedy to the glamourous and rich.

You have the chance to see some of his work and fantastic stories at Fotografiska in Stockholm.



Elsa Peretti 1975 by Helmut Newton


All photos from the Newton estate and Fotografiska.

Exhibition runs another two months until 29 September! I say go if you have the opportunity to visit the capital of Sweden.


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