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Gobi Bear

Gobi Bear or Diogo Alves Pinto is a singer-songwriter from beautiful Portugal. He started off in 2010 but it’s not until recently he’s gained the recognition he deserves. Gobi Bear plays a mix of charming indie pop with post folk rock, very smooth on the ears if I may say so!

Gobi bear at Knarrholmen

Last year he made it big in the motherland Portugal, where he played over 50 gigs, and last weekend at Knarrholms Festival he played his first ever gig abroad and I had the pleasure to see him perform live. He may be alone on stage but oh-boy that Bear can really catch the audience… He spiced up the one man performance with looping his instruments and switching between acoustic and electric which made it real interesting, then added a pinch of witty conversation in between song, ah! I was sold.

After the gig he caught up with Nordic Vibration where he talked about his upcoming full-length debut album, which will be out in September/October time this year, he also played a little session, which can all be heard here…

If you can’t wait for the debut album to come out, fear not, Gobi Bear currently have three EP’s out that you can play to your ears bleed, and they can be found on good old spotify. I’ll leave you with some pics from the gig, over and out!




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