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Gigant Teddy Walk…

In Warsaw a lot of the public monuments are invisible to the city folks, and maybe not the most inspiring either…as we know eastern European architecture was found of grey and concrete….

Iza Rutkowska from the Forms and Shapes Foundation wanted to change peoples feeling about this and decided to create a living sculpture. She hoped the sculpture would inspire people to dialogue and integration. The sculpture she choose for the project is a faithful friend from childhood – the teddy bear. The “public friend” was enlarged to a gigantic proportion, so everyone can climb on him, hug and come back to the children’s times. Cuddly walks was introduced around Warsaw.






The project is a part of Forms and Shapes Foundations philosophy of change, which they’ve been practicing for many years. Setting strange, impractical Hand Made 3D to make people reflect on the place where they live. Soon the teddys will take over and be placed in other places around the world.


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