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Find of the week: Ordinary Batman Adventures – by Megan


Ordinary Batman Adventures, a series of Gifs created by freelance animator Sarah J.

The series follows scenarios in the imagined everyday life of Batman when he’s not busy fighting crime. Here are some of my favourites:


Batman making full-use of a wheelie office chair…Scrounging the internet for furry friends.


Getting ready for Hallowe’en.


Enjoying the new season in a cosy jumper with a cuppa brew.


Havin’ a quiet Friday night in. Probably watching Buffy.


Painting his toenails (it’s what’s inside that counts).


And last but not least, being the incredibly thoughtful guy he is and wishing a Happy Birthmonth to Sara and I. Whattababe.



If you enjoyed these, be sure to check out her blog and her clever ‘Day in the Life’ imaginings of an off-duty Batman.

Peas x

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