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Etsy treasury – The manly manly kitchen edition

As you know by now every week we post a feature with different themes from independent sellers on Etsy. This week the turn has come to all you manly men out there!

Back in the days of the caveman, the first tool the club was about the most useful thing out there. It was a weapon, a tool, a marital aid, and a off course a kitchen utensil. The world’s first real men used this simple device to bash in the brains of tiny animals and tenderize the meat…well they still do that but fortunately they have also evolved because of  more sofisticated inventions like big steel knifes and grilling tool sets (not to mention beer carriers). Manly men nowdays prepare the grill with a beer in their hand while they eagerly chat about all the awesome gear they get to use.

So enjoy guys here’s a list of manly kitchentools…


1. AHeirloom

3. GreatScrape

5. frankieandcocopdx

8. CypressInk

10. stripeycity

 11. woodbob

12. KitchenCarvings


(please observe that this post is purely ironic and obviously completely unisex)


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