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Etsy treasury – Party edition

Guesse what? The weekly Etsy Treasury is back!
Everyone who’s been following us a while knows that we used to have weekly feature with different themes from independent sellers on Etsy and now I’m very pleased to announce that it’s back.
Etsy is such a great place for creative people to earn a few extra bucks on their talents and ideas and it’s way easier to use for both customers and sellers than Ebay.

This week I’ve been in a party mode since It’ been my birthday and all so I wanted to have a look around and see what kind of party decorations were available. And man… I found a LOT of great props, I wish I’d had checked it out sooner..but then again maybe it was for the best, because I probably would’ve ruined my finances completely!

…So if you feel like throwing a party here’s some suggestions of how to spice it up!


1. HeathersBlankets

2. Acherryortwo

3. vintagegreenlimited

4. GnomeSweetGnomeShop

5. FrickandFrackScraps

6. maryhadalittleparty

7. SharedLove

8. ThePropMarket

9. oopsmark

10. GoldzahnSupply

11. GnomeSweetGnomeShop

12. SucreShop

13. LadyRene

14. SharedLove


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