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Etsy treasury – Protect your eyes edition

Whether you’re heading off to a sunny beach or are just looking for a way to look stylish, let’s face it you’ll need a pair of sunglasses for the summer. Whatever your style, wheter you are a fashionblogger, hipster, bookworm or scifigeek there is a pair of shades out there for you.

I’ve picked out 14 of the best sunglasses from independent sellers on Etsy to inspire you with. Enjoy the sun folks! (and protect yourself)

etsy_glasses1 etsy_glasses2 etsy_glasses3

1. shopstillill

2. VanityCage

3. shevamps

4. Awake87

5. LovelyVintageGlasses

6. BurgerAndFriends

7. tmbrwood

8. LovelyVintageGlasses

9. Tumbleweedshandcraft

10. Awake87

11. LilyLoveLock

12. ketchupize

13. HatsToSpats

14. TeresaSullivanStudio

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