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DIY Beaded Headphones


My headphones are a very important accessory. They go wherever I go. I have different ones too.. The ones that came with my phone are like my everyday-on-the-tube-headset-headphones. I kinda find them pretty boring and not so great for music listening really. When listening to music I prefer my Marshall ones.. that I love to bits. But anyway, I thought I’d make my iphone ones a bit more exciting by perler beads!

I’m sure you’ve seen other peoples beaded headphones. I’ve been seeing them around for a while. And everytime I’ve seen someone with beaded headphones I wondered how they make them. When I found out how to, I also found out that it wasn’t really that great of a mystery… (Thanks Astrid & Anna!) So I went out and bought some beads and started to bead!

Below you can see the result and also a quick guide how to do it yourself!


I went for green and black pearls since these are two of my favorite colors and goes well together. I wanted to try glow-in-the-dark beads but couldn’t find them in the shop. I think that would be really cool though!

Start out with making a single cut through a bead and then just push it onto the cable! This is pretty much it. Now you have something to do for the next hour or so..!


It really speeds up the process if you let the bead stay on the scissors while pushing it onto the headphone cable. Try it!


And here is my result! I am really pleased with it. Now it is your turn! Go go go!


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