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Caballeros de Cuba y una Chica Pequeña

I recently travelled to the amazingly beautiful and interesting country of Cuba together with my sister. We travelled around the island for a little over three weeks and got to experience so much. It really is hard to know where to start when trying to tell friends and family about it.

There is so much you could say. Good things and bad. But what made the deepest and most important impression on both of us were the people we met. The people who became our friends and who treated us like family.

I had my camera with me almost all the time and I tried to photograph portraits of people. I felt like I wanted to bring pieces of them back with me. To me, portraits or close-ups, gives the feeling of that, as if you catch a piece of the person.

Most of the people that I asked to be photographed said yes straight away. Actually no-one said no. All of them took it very seriously and almost everyone had a sort of calm and serious look on their face. But at the same time most of them have a true sparkle in their eyes!

Cuba and the people we met truly left us with experiences and memories for life.

Hasta la victoria siempre!













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