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Burger, Burgers, Burgersson.. – by Jörgen

by Jörgen Nilsson

Recently Sweden (and particular Stockholm) has seen it’s fair share of burger joints focusing on high quality meat along with delicious ingredients and local crafted beer.

It all began with the Flippin’ Burger and now the crown belongs to the Flying Elk (if you ever happen to pass one of these establishments in Stockholm). However, now it’s time for Gothenburg to join the carousel and prove it can compete with the capital of Sweden. ..sadly to say, the restaurant Burgersson doesn’t quite cut it.


Burgersson opened just as high summer hit Sweden and it quickly became mighty popular, making it a real challenge getting a table as they do not take reservations and focus on first come – first serve basis.

Let’s start with the high points as both the staff as well as the set-up get high marks that really make you feel welcome. If there is any reluctance in what to drink next they provide great advices in your flavoursome endeavours.
There’s about ten different brands of beer covering Weiss-bier from Germany, local Brown Ale from Gothenburg and Pale Ale all the way from Hawaii all working well on their own but not really adding that spark to the burgers. At about 75 kronor per beer it’s a bit pricey compared to other restaurants.


And so let’s finally talk about the problems with the actual burgers. Sure they are succulent and well-balanced given the different combinations of cheest-bacon/bluecheese/BBQ but when everything is focused on the perfect burger you feel somewhat disappointed and “is this it?”.
Also with all the tourists why not compose a couple of English menus?

Many other pubs provide just as tender and succulent burgers as Burgerssons and there lies the problem. Why not visit Ölrepubliken, Bersåbar or Texas Longhorn where they also provide other types of meals if someone in the party fancy something else than burgers.

Also with a burger at abouth 100 kronor you’ll need to have a side order consisting of French fries or pickles if you feel hungry, and the fries is about the same quality as the ones you get at the local McDonald’s.
Here Burgersson really need to step it up a level serving potato wedges, or perhaps coleslaw if mayo is your cup of tea. Simple fries at 30 kronor feels cheap and careless given the love to the burgers they so clearly take pride in.

To sum things up Burgersson show boldness in bringing the sheer burger joint to Gothenburg but doesn’t quite go the distance as it feels a bit rough around the edges when compared to everything else Gothenburg has to offer.
Maybe they will improve over time, maybe something else will take crown just as The flying elk did in Stockholm, that’s the beauty of a town thriving with great restaurants.

Grade: 6/10.

A great experience but you leave thinking “where do we go next?” instead of “when do we return next time?”

photos via / kocken & jag

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