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Best of “Vine videos” – Arya & Sansa (from Game of thrones)

Everyone who knows me are already bored to death about my “A song of ice and fire” (Game of Thrones) obsession but when I realized that both “Arya” and “Sansa” (aka Maise Williams & Sophie Turner) are on Vine I had to share this! They are soooo cute, and the fact that they’re such good friends is so nice to see. They do a lot of quirky and silly “Vines” and have a lot of fun like only teenage girls can…you have to check them out or if you’re on Vine be sure to follow them!

(click on the video to activate the sound)

Maise talking about the Red Wedding

Arya and Sansa the goth version

aka homeless person

water war

eeh? lol

twin vining…

hijacking sofies phone

blairwitch Sofie

twin vining part 2

wa wa woo

sweet Luise

just hanging with Hotpie & Lommy Greenhands!


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  • This was SOOOO great! I am as bad as you are when it comes to Game of Thrones :)

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